Deer Camp Food Ideas

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Needing some help with Deer Camp meal ideas?

Here is some of our favorite meal ideas.

Venison Loins with Mushrooms pic5.jpg Dave's Breakfast

Venison Loins

Topped with Bacon and Mushrooms

Full Recipe

Open-faced omelet

With cheese, mushrooms, bacon, and hash browns.

Full Recipe

Deer Camp Meals Chili Hash Deer Camp Chili


The first night Kruger warmed up the Chili he brought. We covered the chili in cheese and added Fritos Corn Chips.

Steve washed it down with Magic Hat.

Deer Camp Meals Chili Hash Deer Camp Meals Chili Hash

Chili Hash

For dinner we cooked up what was left of the chili. We did not have enough chili so we decided to make a new dish called Chili Hash. We fried up some hash browns, and up the warmed the chili. We then mixed in the hash browns and some cheese with the chili. The hash browns are being fried and the chili reheated.

Before serving the Chili Hash, we added more cheese to the top and chips for some crunch. It was really tasty and good way to use up some chili.
Deer Camp Meals Steaks with Mushrooms

Steaks with mushrooms, cheese, and shrimp

For Opening Day John made steaks and covered the steaks with mushrooms, cheese, and shrimp. An awesome meal!
Deer Camp Meals Cheese Quesadillas pic23a

Cheese Quesadillas

Cheese Quesadillas are an easy meal to make for the hunter coming back to camp for a quick lunch. The Cheese Quesadillas are topped with a little salsa.


Brats served with cheesy mashed potatoes. The Brats can be cooked over a grill or a griddle. Cover the Brats with onions and peppers or anything else Deer Camp worthy.
Deer Camp Meals Frozen Pizza on a Griddle Deer Camp Meals Frozen Pizza on a Griddle

Deer Camp Frozen Pizza?

Yep, we made Frozen Pizza’s, with no oven, on the griddle. A great snack to cook up between card games.

We bought a baking cooling rack and a disposable aluminum baking pan. We placed the cooling rack on the griddle, the pizza on the cooling rack, and the baking pan over the pizza/cooling rack. This created a small oven.
Deer Camp Meals Frozen Pizza on a Griddle Deer Camp Meals Frozen Pizza on a Griddle
The pizza took about 25 minutes to cook and we checked it every 5 minutes. It turned out very good. Next time we would adjust the burner between Medium and Low.
Deer Camp sausage egg casserole

Sausage Egg Casserole

Sausage egg casserole is great dish to make at home and reheat. Reheat it slowly, covered, and on low heat on the griddle. Serve it with some hash browns and you have a great breakfast.

Open-Faced Mushroom Cheese Omelet

First, fry up the mushrooms until they are brown. Then add the scrambled eggs to the mushrooms. Plan on using 4-5 eggs per person, and depending on the size of the pan/griddle you may have to make more then one batch. After the eggs have set, add some shredded cheese to the top, cover to melt. Finally, serve with some toast.
Kruger enjoying Larry's breakfast, pic15 The Sportsman, pic15a
Kruger is enjoying Larry's Open-faced Mushroom Cheese Omelet.
pic17 pic22a

White Chicken Chili

A different variation to a chili dish. Larry is warming it up and serving.

Pancakes with Sausage

An easy breakfast that fills everyone up.

Barbeque Wings

Making up Wings requires frying some wings. Just make sure they are thawed and dry of water. Add the wings to the pot of hot oil. Then serve with Hot Wing or BBQ sauce.

Scalloped Potatoes ‘N’ Wieners

This is another great meal to make before leaving the house. Make some scalped potatoes and add some cut up hot dogs. Warm it up at camp, and wash it down with a Michelob.
Deer Camp Meals Breakfast Burritos pic24a

Breakfast Burritos

It is as easy as frying up some breakfast sausage, adding scrambled eggs, and serving on a soft tortilla with cheese and salsa.

Breakfast Burritos

Farmers Sandwiches

Sandwiches made with a egg cooked in the middle.
Deer Camp Fries, pic19 Deer Camp Fries, pic19a

Deer Camp Fries

Dave frying french fries and serving to Kruger.

mideer2010pic28.jpg mideer2010pic28a.jpg

Cheese Burgers and Onion Rings

You can not go wrong with Cheese Burgers. Making the Burger Deer Camp worthy with bacon and onion rings.
mideer2010pic29.jpg mideer2010pic29a.jpg
John showing that you put out a greese fire with Bud Light.
Dave showing off the bacon cheese burgers and onion rings.
mideer2010pic30.jpg mideer2010pic30a.jpg

Baked Potatoes

Baked potatoes are made by wraping the potato in tin foil and putting it in the wood burner.

Venison Tenderloin

Grilled venison tenderloin were excellent. I swear one of them was staring at me while I ate it.
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Ham Dinner

A ham dinner served at Deer Camp? Push your Deer Camp meals to the next level!