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"Deer camp is were friends and family reunite and enjoy being in the outdoors"

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MI Deer Camp 2015 Group Picture

Welcome to MI Deer Camp 2015!

Kneeling: Chewie (Friend), Kruger (Friend and runs the Facebook Page), Dave (I run this website)

Left Insert: John (Brother) Right Insert: Joey (Friend)

2015 was another good year for hunting. We took a total of three deer (3 Does). Kruger also shot his very first deer!
MI Deer Camp 2015 Tent Photo


2015 was the year of forgetting everything. Of course we forgot the duck tape, so we improvised and used a laser pointer to put the year on the tent. It took 15 tries before it finally looked good.

So what else did we forget? Chewie GPS and Hunting Boots. John GPS. Kruger, Poles to the tent for the One Holer and Duck Tape. Dave Butt Out Tool and Neck Gaiter.
Sighing in the Rifle Shooting the Browning A-Bolt
Chewie sighting in his brand new Browning 30-06. Dave Sighting in his Browning 308.
Packing up For Deer Camp Sleeping in the Truck
Packing up for Deer Camp. Chewie with a broken neck.
Big Horn Wall Tent Attaching ropes to the tent eaves
Putting up the Big Horn wall tent.
Chewie attaching the ropes to the tent eaves.
Wearing a Balaclava Digging the Hole for the One Holer
Chewie showing off his balaclava.
Chewie said he was digging the one Holer, but was he really exploring for natural gas? “Chewie The natural gas will be inside the tent after we eat the venison chili.”
Wall Tent and Cook Tent Hunting Wall Tent
The wall tent and the cook tent. Kruger’s trailer is used to block the wind from the entrance of the Cook tent.
The wall tent with a fire going. The handwashing station is located on a tree adjacent to the tent.
Deer Camp Vintage The One Holer Black and White
Deer Camp 2015 "The One Holer"
Senting up the Wall Tent Joey
John helping to set up the tent
Joey is the newest member to our camp. Joey and John were good friends in the army and served in Iraq together. Joey is passing out the tent stakes.
Turducken Cooking Turducken
Chewie is cooking the first meal, "Turducken".
"Turducken" is a Hen up the rear of a Duck, and the Duck up the rear of a Turkey. Seasoned with Cajun seasonings. Baked in an oven prior to camp, and then warmed up on the griddle.
Eating Turducken Cooking Turducken
Chewie eating his "Turducken". Cooking on the griddle
Scouting for Deer Buck Rub
Kruger and Dave scouting their hunting spots.
A buck rub located on a deer Trail. Kruger would hunt in this location and would kill a deer here about 24 hours later.
Trail Camera Pic of a Buck Trail Camera Pic of a Doe
Dave set up a trail camera in a secondary location. Captured on the trail camera was a spike and some does.

“Hey Coyote Mike. There are some bucks!”

Coyote Mike and the Ee-Ya-Kee Deer Camp 2015
Coyote Mike and the Ee-Ya-Kee Deer Camp.

We visited Coyote Mike and his deer camp on November 14. It was good to see those guys again.

Click here to see the Ee-ya-kee 2015 Deer Camp pictures.

John with his Doe kill on Opening Morning 2015
On opening day shooting time started at 7 AM. At 7:45 AM John had shot his doe. No point in wasting any time.
Dragging the Deer Out of the Woods John with his Doe
John had shoulder surgery about a month prior to deer season. Dave helped John drag his deer out of the woods, and John helped Dave by gutting Dave’s deer.
John’s Doe
Sunset over Deer Camp pic 15 Sunset over Deer Camp pic 15a
Sunset over Deer Camp
John Chewie
John with the Iraq "Thousand Yard Stare". Chewie with the Iraq "Thousand Yard Stare".
Kruger with is first Deer Kill
On November 15, 2015 at 5:30 PM, Kruger shot his very first deer. Kruger shot the biggest deer in camp . Great Job Kruger.
The 2nd Week of Deer
After shooting his first deer, Kruger partied all night.

Deer hunting safety Tip: Always make sure you wear protection. So wear rubber gloves when gutting a deer.

The Big Deal Joey
John a.k.a. “The Big Deal”. Joey with the Iraq “Thousand Yard Stare”.
Sasquatch Deer Camp 2015
“If the deer begins to stare at you make a face like this. The deer will be so confused they might think you were a Sasquatch.” Deer camp 2015
John Sleeping Kruger waking up
John is counting does in his dreams. “Hey Kruger are you going hunting today?"

"Nope I already got a deer and I’m going back to sleep."

Day Three Deer Camp Blues!

Chewie Camping Kitchen Tent
Chewie is demonstrating what happened after the alien abducted him. The kitchen tent just after setting up camp.
Kruger pic 23 Goulash pic 23a
During Entertainment Night, Kruger will perform his special sing and dance. Kruger made goulash for his dinner meal.
Little Mouse in Beard Little Mouse Scared
While out cutting firewood this little mouse ran out from the log John chased down the mouse. John then hid The mouse in his beard. That mouse was freaked out! No mice were hurt during this deer camp.
Dave's Deer Kill 2015
Dave with is 5 ½ year-old doe that was taken on November 15, 2015 at 10:05 AM.
Dave with his Doe Three Deer Hanging
Dave with his doe. At least we have three deer hanging.
Sausage Egg Casserole Italian Sausage Cooked in Beer
For breakfast Dave warmed up his mother-in-law’s sausage egg casserole.
Dave cooked Italian sausage in beer for lunch.
Krugers Truck Cooking Goulash
“Kruger didn’t you used to have a blue pick up? “ Kruger cooking his goulash.
Wall Tent Camp Kitchen
The wall tent The kitchen tent
More Fire Handwashing While Camping
This is an old Boy Scout trick. You find a hollowed out log, cut giant slits in the log with a chainsaw, pour in lighter fluid, and then light it with a road flare.
The handwashing station. During most of our dear camps the handwashing station will be frozen in the morning. We did not have that problem. To see more tips and techniques Click Here.
New One Holer New One Holer
Since we forgot the poles for the one holer tent, we use Kruger’s blind as the new shitter. It actually worked very well. Plenty of room. Maybe next year we can have a two holer? The Royal Throne. This one has Saran Wrap Splatter Guard Technology.
Camp Chef Hot Pot Camp Chef Hot Pot
New equipment for 2015. We added a camp chef hot pot. We placed it on the wood burner for a continuous hot water. It worked very well.
Moon through the woods Pizza
The moon through the woods.
The last night we packed up the kitchen tent so we had dinner at A bar in town. They have awesome pizza.
Sunset in the Woods Michigan 2015 Successful Deer Hunter Patch
Returning home we had another great sunset. 2015 Michigan Successful Hunter Deer Management Cooperator Patch.
MI Deer Camp 2015

Weather: Weather for 2015 was much warmer then normal with the highs almost 30 degrees warmer then 2014.

Nov 14, 2015-Low 33 High of 46 | Nov 15, 2015-Low 31 High of 61
Nov 16, 2015-Low 28 High of 64 | Nov 17, 2015-Low of 36 High of 56 | Nov 18, 2015-Low of 52 High of 59

Deer Kill Times: John Nov 15-7:45 AM | Dave Nov 15-10:05 AM | Kruger Nov 15-5:30 PM

Meals: Chewie-Turducken | Kruger-Goulash | John Steak with shrimp, Breakfast Burritos,
Dave-Italian Sausage and Breakfast Sausage Egg Casserole | Joey-Teresa with eggs on a tortilla. Venison Chili, Brats with onions and peppers

Kruger 2015 Gordon Krolzick
Grandson, Jason Kruger

The traditions of Deer Camp...

Kruger's Grandfather, Gordon Krolzick

...have been passed down from generations.

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