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"Deer camp is were friends and family reunite and enjoy being in the outdoors"

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MI Deer Camp 2014 Group Picture

Welcome to MI Deer Camp 2014!

Steve (Friend Kneeling) Jimbo (Friend), John (Brother), Kruger (Friend), Dave (I run this website)

In 2014 was a good year for hunting. We took a total of four deer (3 Does and 1 Buck). Steve got his very first deer.
MI Deer Camp 2014 Group Picture
Jimbo, Steve, Dave, John, Kruger
Dave sighting in his rifle Dave sighting in his rifle
We started Deer Camp 2014 by going to my Dads house and sighting in the rifles. Kruger and Steve each took one shot and they were done. Dave shot up a half a box before he was satisified on a zero.
The great mouse hunt Driving in a snow storm
We went into Dad's shed to get the wood burner out. When we opened the shed door and there was mice running everywhere. This started the great mouse hunt. We went after them with pitchforks and shovels. When that didn’t work, we got out the BB pistol and started shooting away. Steve was shooting away moving like lighting, but was not hitting anything. One almost ran up Steve’s leg. Dad got two, Kruger got one, and I went hand to hand and got one. It was real blast and great way to start off Deer Camp.
We left for Deer Camp on November 13. We made the drive north in a snow storm. Near Grand Rapids we went to standstill on the highway. Too many accidents and slide offs.
Dave's truck and trailer at Deer Camp Trailer at Deer Camp
Dave’s truck and trailer after arriving at our camp location. Inside Dave’s trailer.

“Hey Steve! Who brought a purple suitcase to Deer Camp?”

Kruger's Large 2 axle trailer at Deer Camp Kruger's Large 2 axle trailer at Deer Camp
Kruger upgraded his trailer to this large double axle enclosed trailer. There is plenty of room inside. It also made a great wind block next to the kitchen.
Deer Camp location 2014 Deer Camp location 2014
Campsite location. Kruger is clearing the area where the tent will go.

“Who has the rake?”

Deer Camp location 2014 Deer Camp location 2014
I have no idea what they are doing. Dave is getting the tarp spread out for the canvas wall tent to go on.

Kruger is checking wind direction.

Big Horn Wall Tent at Deer Camp Kruger and his cute little hammer
The Big Horn wall tent is up. “Wow Kruger you have such a cute little hammer.”
Wood Burner in the Big Horn Wall Tent Kruger's kink in the handle
An inside view of the 16x20 wall tent.

The homemade wood burner is in the corner.

The Bearded Charmer

“Hey Kruger, I think you hammer has kink in the handle!”

Steve digging a hole for the one-holer One-holer wind direction
Steve digging to china for the one-holer. “The wind will push the poo smell this direction.”
Camp Kitchen/Mess Tent/Chow Tent Camp Kitchen/Mess Tent/Chow Tent
Steve is putting up the Camp Kitchen. Dave is strapping down the roof.
Camp Kitchen/Mess Tent/Chow Tent Refilling a 1 pound propane cylinder
Camp Kitchen

To see more on the Camp Kitchen Click Here.

Dave is refilling a 1 pound propane cylinder.

To see more details on how to refill Click Here.

Dave's truck full of firewood Kruger using a chainsaw to cut firewood
We drove down the road until we found some decent firewood. We filled up the back of the truck and brought the big pieces back to camp.
Kruger is cutting the firewood down to size.
Deer Camp Chili Deer Camp Chili
The first night Kruger warmed up the Chili he brought. We covered the chili in cheese and added Fritos Corn Chips.

Steve washed it down with Magic Hat.

mideercamp.com Deer Camp sausage egg casserole
Kruger made up some new graphics for the backs of the pickups.
On scouting day, Dave heated up a sausage egg casserole that his mother-in-law made.
Deer Hunting Old Blind Deer Hunting Old Tree Stand
An old blind found during scouting day. Can you find the tree stand in the photo?
Deer Buck Rub Deer Hunting Old Tree Stand
A nice buck rub located. A close up view of the tree stand from the picture above.
Deer Tracks Cedar Swamp
Deer Tracks The edge of a cedar swamp.
Doe Ridge Fatel Funnel
To many people this just looks like a spot in the woods. To us these places are magical spots. We give them names like Doe Ridge, The Fatal Funnel, Dead 6, Bloody Swamp, Table Top, Double Doe, The Old Chair, Snipers Perch, Valley of the Kings, Whispering Pines, and Steve’s Spot. This is Doe Ridge and the Fatal Funnel.
An Old Shed in a Field Burgers
An old shed found during scout day. Kruger made Burgers for lunch.
Coyote Mike and the Ee-Ya-Kee Deer Camp
The Ee-Ya-Kee Deer Camp. We were driving down the road and spotted this Deer Camp. There were cars and campers everywhere. With an old military wall tent, and a custom built sign for their Deer Camp we just had to stop and talk to them. A guy named Mike walked up wearing a coyote skinned hat and we knew these guys were going to be hoot. Coyote Mike said this is like Christmas for them and where else can dress up like this with your family and friends. Coyote Mike brought up his 10 year old son for the first time to Deer Camp. Little Yote took his first Deer. How awesome is that. Click Here to see more photos of the Ee-Ya-Kee Deer Camp.
John sleeping in the Deer Stand Old Deer Hunting Spot
John is demonstrating the proper way to hunt deer. This is called the Buck Snore.
Dave sitting at the “Old Chair”. A day later, Dave would shoot his Doe from this spot.
John Steve
John Steve
Jimbo Kruger changing camera settings
Jimbo showed up on the afternoon of scout day. Kruger changing settings on his camera.
Sunset at Deer Camp Sunset at Deer Camp
Cool Sunset
Living in a Wall Tent Living in a Wall Tent
This is what the tent looks like after just one day. “Steve catch!”
John playing Cards Jimbo playing Cards
John is looking for pair of Aces. Jimbo has a pair of Aces. "I love Aces."
Deer Camp Meals Breakfast Burritos Deer Camp Meals Breakfast Burritos
Opening Day Breakfast.

John made breakfast burritos.

Jimbo is enjoying his breakfast.
Deer Kill Deer Kill
Opening day morning shooting time started at 7:00 AM. Dave was in his spot, but at 7:20 a late ass hunter came walking through. What the tardy hunter could not see was he was pushing a deer behind a hill. The tardy hunter and the deer left the area. Around 8:00 a large doe came back from the same area that the first one disappeared. A shot was taken at the doe, and the doe did not appear to have been hit. The doe ran about 40 yards and stopped between some trees. The 2nd shot was taken and the doe ran off, and this time she appeared to have been hit. The doe was tracked 75 yards were she was found.
Deer Kill Deer Kill
The first shot had actually went through the does ear. Bad shot or ricochet off brush, who knows. The 2nd shot took out both lungs.
John in his Deer Hunting spot John in his Deer Hunting spot
John found a spot near “Dead 6” that had a lot of deer sign and sat there Opening Day.
Heater Body Suit Heater Body Suit
John made an investment and bought a “Heater Body Suit”. John swears by it and said you do not get cold. His coat and boots are taken off before getting in the body suit.
Deer Kill Deer Kill
John dropped this doe on Opening day at 10:30 AM
Deer Pole Buck Pole Getting the fire going
The two does were hung up on the deer pole but the pole snapped. John getting the fire going to warm everyone back up.
Jimbo playing his guitar at Deer Camp Jimbo in the Deer Stand
Jimbo strumming a tune. Jimbo is set up in his deer stand.
Deer Camp Meals Steaks with Mushrooms Kruger and Steve
For Opening Day John made steaks and covered the steaks with mushrooms, cheese, and shrimp.
Kruger and Steve
Deer Camp Group Picture Deer Camp Group Picture
The boys are showing off their weapons of choice. WTF?
Deer Camp Meal Egg Casserole Deer Camp Meal Egg Casserole
On November 16 Dave warmed up some more of Sausage Egg Casserole and served it on a toasted bun.
Steve's First Deer Kill
On November 16, 2014 at 8:00 AM Steve shot his very first deer.

Steve was the only one in the camp to get a buck. Congratulations Steve!

Steve's First Deer Kill Steve's First Deer Kill
John and Steve Dave and Steve
Steve's First Deer with Dave and John
Steve with John and Dave after shooting his first deer.

This is what Deer Camp is all about.

Steve's First Deer Kill Steve Dragging a buck out of the woods
Steve is checking out his deer after the kill. Steve is dragging out his buck.
John Deer Kill John Deer Kill
John with his 2nd doe kill. John is filling up his freezer for the winter.
Kruger's Beard Kruger's Beard
“Kruger your beard is starting to scare me. ”
Deer Camp Meals Cheese Quesadillas Kruger in the Deer Stand
Dave made Cheese Quesadillas for lunch and topped them with a little salsa.
Kruger is set up in his deer stand.
Deer Camp Meals Chili Hash Deer Camp Meals Chili Hash
For dinner we cooked up what was left of the chili. We did not have enough chili so we decided to make a new dish called Chili Hash. We fried up some hash browns, and up the warmed the chili. We then mixed in the hash browns and some cheese with the chili.
Deer Camp Meals Chili Hash Deer Camp Meals Chili Hash
The hash browns are being fried and the chili reheated.
Before serving the Chili Hash, we added more cheese to the top and chips for some crunch. It was really tasty and good way to use up some chili.
Hot Fire with a bed of coals Hot Fire with a bed of coals
A hot fire with a nice bed of coals.
Deer Camp Meals Steve's Egg Mess Kruger at Deer Camp
Steve’s mess Steve made this for breakfast. He fried up a half a bag of hash browns, and fried up a package of breakfast sausage. He then mixed the hash browns, sausage, and added a dozen scrambled eggs. There was enough to feed three guys for breakfast and lunch.
“It will make a turd.”
Deer Camp Meals Frozen Pizza on a Griddle Deer Camp Meals Frozen Pizza on a Griddle
Deer Camp Frozen Pizza? Yep, we made Frozen Pizza’s on the griddle. We bought a baking cooling rack and a disposable aluminum baking pan. We placed the cooling rack on the griddle, the pizza on the cooling rack, and the baking pan over the pizza/cooling rack. This created a small oven.
Deer Camp Meals Frozen Pizza on a Griddle Deer Camp Meals Frozen Pizza on a Griddle
The first pizza we cooked on medium heat at a temp of 200 degrees (exterior pan temp). This was a little too hot and we slightly burned the crust at 7 minutes. It still was good.
We changed brands of pizzas and went to a more premium frozen pizza with a thin crust.
Deer Camp Meals Frozen Pizza on a Griddle Deer Camp Meals Frozen Pizza on a Griddle
We turned the burner down to low with a temperature between 100-150 degrees (exterior pan temp).
Deer Camp Meals Frozen Pizza on a Griddle Dave
The pizza took about 25 minutes to cook and we checked it every 5 minutes. It turned out very good. Next time we would adjust the burner between Medium and Low.
Dave is happy how the pizza turned out.

“Hey Kruger Steve what do you think of the pizza?”

Kruger Kruger
Kruger Surprised.

“That is a frozen pizza?”

Kruger Angry.

“Hey, hey, that better not be a frozen pizza or I’ll kick your ass!”

Kruger Kruger
Kruger Drunk.

“Man I just love a frozen pizza. I could eat another. I would marry a frozen pizza if I could.”

Kruger Dreaming.

“It’s like a........frozen pizza lap dance.”

Kruger Kruger
Kruger Sad.

“I am out of frozen pizza….”

Kruger Normal.

“I really like the frozen pizza.”

Steve Steve
Steve Happy.

It’s good.

Steve Angry.


Steve Steve
Steve Dreaming.


Steve Normal.

It’s good.

Deer Hanging on the Deer Pole Deer Hanging on the Deer Pole
Dave and Steve’s deer hanging.
Tearing Down the Kitchen Tent/Mess Tent/Chow Tent Sunset at Deer Camp
Packing up the kitchen tent the night prior to leaving. Sunset on the final night of Deer Camp 2014.
Sleeping Bags Condensation Problems Sleeping Bags Condensation Problems
When rolling up the sleeping bags, Dave and Steve found a lot of condensation. Dave and Steve both used a thick sleeping bag for a base layer. They slept in a separate sleeping bag on the base bag. Their sleeping bag was dry and the top of the base sleeping bag was dry. However, the bottom of the base bag was soaked, Dave’s Air Pad was soaked, and Steve’s cot was soaked.
Sleeping Bags Condensation Problems Sleeping Bags Condensation Problems
We learned an important lesson. We must allow the sleeping base layers to dry during the day, while we are hunting.
Tearing down Deer Camp Tearing down Deer Camp
Breaking down Deer Camp.
This Buds for You! Frozen Lake
This Buds for You!
We drive by this cool lake on our way to town. There is island in the middle of the lake. This is the first time we have seen the lake frozen during deer season. It has been a cold year!
Driving in a snow storm Bono Look-a-like
We are driving home in another snow storm.
“Hey Dave, Bono called and he needs his sunglasses back for a concert.”
Driving in a snow storm Cabelas Grand Rapids Michigan
It sure was cold. We had to make a stop to pick up a Bone Saw.

“Hey Steve maybe you take your broken cot back. What’s that? They don’t have any more in stock?”

Cleaning up Cleaning up
Cleaning up and putting everything away.
Dave and Steve hung up a tarp in the corner of the garage. The deer were hung in the corner and a heater run overnight to thaw the deer so they could be processed the next day.
John Hartline and His 5x5 Bull Elk John Hartline and His 5x5 Bull Elk
Earlier in the fall, John got to go on an Elk hunting trip in Colorado. John ended up taking a nice Bull.

Click Here to see more pictures of John’s elk hunting trip.

MI Deer Camp 2014

Weather: Nov 14, 2014 Low 24 High of 29 | Nov 15, 2014-Low 23 High of 28
Nov 16, 2014-Low 23 High of 28 | Nov 17, 2014 Low of 13 High of 27 | Nov 18, 2014 Low of 13 High of 23

Deer Kill Times: Nov 15-8:00 AM and 10:30 AM | Nov 16-7:30 and 8:00 AM

mideercamp 2014 group photo Historic Photo Brenner 1940, pic3.jpg
The traditions of Deer Camp….
….have been passed down from generations.
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