Ee-Ya-Kee Deer Camp 2015 Photos

"Deer camp is were friends and family reunite and enjoy being in the outdoors"

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Ee-Ya-Kee Deer Camp Group Photo
Ee-Ya-Kee 2015 Deer Camp Group Photo

From left to right. Little Beef, Beef, Blair, Therman, Roger, Chris, Cody, and Tony.

Not in picture but still in camp was Buckshot Billy, Wrong way Nick, and John.

The Deer Camp Front Yard Home Sweet Home
Annual drinking at Rose City flowing well First night camp fire
They like my breakfast burritos. One of the best part of camp life Is the fire, breakfast anyone?
Therman putting up Buckshot Billy's house. Supply tent and Buckshots home.
Brendan at work. Brendan sharpening his skills.
Our traditional Opening Day chili. Our kitchen
Tony and Rose Rodger is so happy to have his boys in camp.

On left Tony came in from California again.

180 dollars and name on big buck trophy up for grabs!!

No one scored. Rollover to next year

Roger's mystery stew Chris and Blair
Everyone is here and set up. Camp is set.
So happy to have my 11 year old son with me and carry on our deer camp and its traditions.
Hanging out
Deer Camp darts Hope we shoot better then this!!!!!
Brendans 3rd straight year Buckshot Billy and Little Beef
Brendan or Little Beef throwing knives. Playing corn hole tournaments
I told you there are no deer in the Maltby Hills. Dreaming of big bucks
Who can beat Beefs record of 15 logs? Come on Brendan that's not heavy.
We never go hungry. Flint style Coney around the fire.
Doing dishes Coyote Mike or Beef or "The Legend" as people know him.

His 31st straight Deer Camp.

“Hey legend, can you wash dishes?”.

Tony is sighting in.

"Ouch! No it does not kick."

Little Beef is target practicing.
Father and Son Therman and Rose are best buddies.
Deer Camp City All ready for the opener.
Nick aka "Wrong Way" Some of the gang
Please flush the one holer! Watch out people an 11 year old is driving in the hills!
Who is this???? Beautiful sunset from the blind.
Hanging out in the blind This is how we hunt.
Showing off our hats.

Some Photos from earlier in the year.

Little Beef
Here is my 4 year old, little little beef. I can't wait to get him up to Deer Camp!! I always think of the day when me and my 2 boys are all hunting a oak ridge together up in the hills of Rose City
A 6 pt buck Mike got this year with my bow. Evan his son found it for him. Squirrel hunting with Evan.
Ee-Ya-Kee Deer Camp
Mike and his son Brendan 2015

Mike and his Dad
The traditions of Deer Camp…. ….have been passed down from generations.
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