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"Deer camp is were friends and family reunite and enjoy being in the outdoors"

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MI Deer Camp 2010 Group Picture

Welcome to MI Deer Camp 2010!

Let me introduce everyone.

Dave: That is me on the far right. I am one that designed and runs this website.

Chewie: Far left. We used to work with each other, roommates in college, and attended ROTC together.

Larry: Red shirt, second from left. This is my dad. He took me to Deer Camp starting at age 14.

Kruger: Orange hat, third from left. A buddy of mine since High School. If there were times when I think I might die….Kruger was probably with me.

Steve: Third from right. We went to school with each other since Kindergarten, and have been friends ever sense. Steve is also my scuba diving buddy.

John: Baseball cap, Second from right. This is my brother John. He has killed more deer then all of us combined. He is deer hunting perfection.

mideer2010pic2.jpg mideer2010pic2a.jpg
Sitting around the first campfire. View of the tent at night.
mideer2010pic3.jpg mideer2010pic3a.jpg
The preparation for Deer Camp starts weeks before opening season with the telephone calls, emails, and text messages. Discussions are made on who is going, what items are needed, when we are going, and where we will hunt. The vehicles and trailers are packed up and convoy starts for Deer Camp. The trailer has been packed so everything fits perfectly. The trailer never looks this nice and organized when going home.
mideer2010pic4.jpg mideer2010pic4a.jpg
The drive to Deer Camp begins early in the morning prior to sunrise.
A stop at the US Forestry Ranger Station to see if there are any changes to rules, road closures, etc… The Ranger Station was closed so we assumed there were no changes.
mideer2010pic5.jpg mideer2010pic5a.jpg
Arrival at Deer Camp. This is the same location as 2009. Kruger showing off his new trailer.
mideer2010pic6.jpg mideer2010pic6a.jpg
Cleaning up the area before tent is setup. Kruger uses the weed-eater to cut down the grass, Dave rakes up the grass clippings and leaves, and John cuts up some wood.

In 2008 we set up the tent right over the leaves and grass. There were lots of creepy crawlies in the tent, the ground would not dry out, and most were having problems with allergies. Bringing a weed-eater and then raking the area eliminated these problems.
mideer2010pic7.jpg mideer2010pic7a.jpg
The tent frame is set up. The question always comes up, “Which poles go where?”. The poles and connectors are laid out and top is assembled.
mideer2010pic8.jpg mideer2010pic8a.jpg
Making sure the poles are all straight. Placing tent over the top of the frame, and then adding the side support legs.
mideer2010pic9.jpg mideer2010pic9a.jpg
Adjusting the tent to the frame. Remember to begin staking down the tent by starting at the back and center wall. Pull the canvas to the corners and front. This allows the back and sides to be tight. The front of the tent will have more material to allow the door zipper to fully close.
“Hey Kruger…throw me the hammer!”
mideer2010pic10.jpg mideer2010pic10a.jpg
The ropes are attached to the eves, staked down, and pulled tight.
The stove is placed inside and the chimney is attached to the stove.
mideer2010pic11.jpg mideer2010pic11a.jpg
Kruger purchased a 10x20 carport tent to be used as the Mess/Chow Tent. He is trying to explain how to put it together. “A to A, B to A, C to A…what do you mean you don't understand?”
mideer2010pic12.jpg mideer2010pic12a.jpg
With the high roof and lots of room this was a perfect Mess Tent.
“Tell me the truth….does the tent make me look fat?”
mideer2010pic13.jpg mideer2010pic13a.jpg
Tarps were added to 3 sides to make a windbreak. The tarps were attached by using cable ties.
The Chuck Box is set up in the Mess Tent.
mideer2010pic14.jpg mideer2010pic14a.jpg
The Cabela’s Deluxe Kitchen, the propane stove, the grill, and the griddle are set up. The Mess Tent is complete.
Chewie showing off the new Mess Tent.
mideer2010pic15.jpg mideer2010pic15a.jpg
This was the biggest deer we would see. Steve digging a hole for the Kentucky Windage.
mideer2010pic16.jpg mideer2010pic16a.jpg
Chewie making sure the chair is level. Larry can not wait to try it out. Steve demonstrating the “Power Dump”.
mideer2010pic17.jpg mideer2010pic17a.jpg
The Kentucky Windage is complete. Those who come to Deer Camp have their names added to the side of the Windage.
mideer2010pic18.jpg mideer2010pic18a.jpg
Larry, John, and Dave finish setting up the cots.
The cots are set up, the sleeping bags unrolled, footlockers moved in, and lanterns hung from the rafters.
mideer2010pic19.jpg mideer2010pic19a.jpg
View of the inside of the tent from the back window. There are some sleeping bags ontop of others. It adds extra insulation to stay warmer at night and also more padding for comfort. Chewie has a thin sleeping bag, so by putting one bag in the other he was able to stay warm.
mideer2010pic20.jpg mideer2010pic20a.jpg
The wood burner and some firewood ready to be burned. There were times when the temperature in the tent was over 100 degrees. The wood is cut and stored next to the wood burner. This helps it dry out, keeps the rain the snow off, and is easy to feed more into the stove when it starts burning down.
mideer2010pic21.jpg mideer2010pic21a.jpg
The view of Deer Camp during the day. The view of Deer Camp at night.
mideer2010pic22.jpg mideer2010pic22a.jpg
Scouting begins by studying the map. Kruger made this large map so everyone could reference off it.
The guys leave to go scouting. John takes his bow along, just in case.
mideer2010pic23.jpg mideer2010pic23a.jpg
Scouting begins by looking for fresh tracks… ….and deer trails.
mideer2010pic24.jpg mideer2010pic24a.jpg
John getting his bow ready. Dave checking out the area with GPS.
mideer2010pic25.jpg mideer2010pic25a.jpg
Buck rubs More buck rubs
mideer2010pic26.jpg mideer2010pic26a.jpg
At the end of scouting we are comparing notes, and sharing info.
mideer2010pic27.jpg mideer2010pic27a.jpg
John and Dave looking at the GPS. "John your giving me a headache."
mideer2010pic28.jpg mideer2010pic28a.jpg
John flipping the burgers… .…Kruger frying the bacon, and Dave making the onion rings.
mideer2010pic29.jpg mideer2010pic29a.jpg
John showing that you put out a greese fire with Bud Light.
Dave showing off the bacon cheese burgers and onion rings.
mideer2010pic30.jpg mideer2010pic30a.jpg
John made baked potatoes by wraping the potato in tin foil and putting it in the wood burner. It was great idea and worked well.
John make grilled venison tenderloin. They were excellent. I swear one of them was staring at me while I ate it.
mideer2010pic31.jpg mideer2010pic31a.jpg
Chewie made farmers sandwiches for breakfast. Kruger and Steve got sick at Deer Camp, but not the cold or the flu. There is a special sickness that can turn into a disease. It is the called the Lazy Ass. You never know when it is going to get you. Kruger was not able to move but Steve was still able eat his sandwich while in his sleeping bag. Good for you Steve.
mideer2010pic32.jpg mideer2010pic32a.jpg
Kruger made a battered chicken breast and then deep fried them. He made “The Mess” for breakfast.
mideer2010pic33.jpg mideer2010pic33a.jpg
John cooking pancakes and sausage for breakfast. Steve and Larry enjoying breakfast.
mideer2010pic34.jpg mideer2010pic34a.jpg
John cleaning his shotgun after it rained. “Hey John we are out of toilet paper!”
mideer2010pic35.jpg mideer2010pic35a.jpg
Chewie making out with the possum.
The look on Chewie’s face after being told he could have shot the doe he saw with his regular deer license.
mideer2010pic36.jpg mideer2010pic36a.jpg
Steve looking good in his camouflage. “The Gray Fox”
mideer2010pic37.jpg mideer2010pic37a.jpg
John wins the “Fat Ass Award” for 2010. He broke Dave’s chair, fixed it……
….and broke it again. “I’m not fat…I’m big boned!”
mideer2010pic38.jpg mideer2010pic38a.jpg
Kruger playing with power tools. “The Matrix Deer Camp”. Kruger flipping eggs.
mideer2010pic39.jpg mideer2010pic39a.jpg
Larry and Dave. Father and Son. Larry, “I’ll show you boys how to make fire!”
mideer2010pic40.jpg mideer2010pic40a.jpg
Steve holding up the tree and Larry making sure the rake does not run away.
The tin of fudge spilled on the truck floor mat. No point in letting it go to waste. “Dave it looks like poo….but tastes good”
mideer2010pic41.jpg mideer2010pic41a.jpg
Kruger looks good even when going hunting.
mideer2010pic42.jpg mideer2010pic42a.jpg
The trailer is packed and we are headed home. Items are separated into piles and then tent is unfolded.
mideer2010pic43.jpg mideer2010pic43a.jpg
The tent frame is set up in Larry’s pole barn.
The tent is placed back on the frame and allowed to air dry for two days.
mideer2010pic44.jpg mideer2010pic44a.jpg
Dave writes down everyone’s names on the Windage. Dave and the Windage.
mideer2010pic45.jpg mideer2010pic45a.jpg
Steve and the Windage. Chewie and the Windage.

Chewie's Other Photos

Chewie took the majority of the photographs this year. Thank you Chewie for taking all these great pictures.

Here are some other photos he took.

mideer2010pic46.jpg mideer2010pic46a.jpg
The flames coming off the charcoal grill.
mideer2010pic47.jpg mideer2010pic47a.jpg
A shot at the moon. A view of the woods.
mideer2010pic48.jpg mideer2010pic48a.jpg
Some skulls that were found in the woods.
mideer2010pic49.jpg mideer2010pic49a.jpg
The camp fire Hot coals.
mideer2010pic50.jpg mideer2010pic50a.jpg
A mushroom.
What season is it? Green plants, fall leaves, and snow…must be Michigan.
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