MI Deer Camp 2008 Photos

Deer camp is were friends and family reunite and enjoy being in the outdoors.

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mideer2008pic1.jpg mideer2008pic1a.jpg
Deer Camp 2008 It snowed Nov 16
mideer2008pic2.jpg mideer2008pic2a.jpg
If you notice the outhouse is located on a slight hill.
When sitting you had to lean to the right to keep from
falling over. When sitting you had to give it a little
Kentucky "Windage".
The "Windage"
mideer2008pic3.jpg mideer2008pic3a.jpg
View of the camp from the road The tent is on the left and the kitchen to the right
mideer2008pic4.jpg mideer2008pic4a.jpg
Dave washing his hands The "kitchen" is a grill and a griddle on a table
mideer2008pic5.jpg mideer2008pic5a.jpg
Dave and Kruger Tom and Kruger
mideer2008pic6.jpg mideer2008pic6a.jpg
Dave and his dad Larry Dave and Larry lighting the griddle
mideer2008pic7.jpg mideer2008pic7a.jpg
Dave with his doe he shot Nov 16 Tom in the Windage
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mideer2008pic8.jpg mideer2008pic8a.jpg
Playing Poker Nice Hand Tom?
mideer2008pic9.jpg mideer2008pic9a.jpg
Jimbo with his hat he stole off a homeless guy Jimbo taking song requests
mideer2008pic10.jpg mideer2008pic10a.jpg
Larry next to the stove.
This stove was Jimbo's Grandfathers.
Larry in a scene out of Friday the 13th.
mideer2008pic11.jpg mideer2008pic11a.jpg
Dave with his doe he shot Nov 16 2008
mideer2008pic12.jpg mideer2008pic12a.jpg
The view of Deer Camp at night. 2008
mideer2008pic13.jpg mideer2008pic13a.jpg
"Dave I hurt my finger today!" Kruger and Tom, 2008
mideer2008pic14.jpg mideer2008pic14a.jpg
Larry showing off the Kitchen The tent at night
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