MI Deer Camp 2009 Photos

"Deer camp is were friends and family reunite and enjoy being in the outdoors"

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mideer2009pic1.jpg mideer2009pic1a.jpg
Arrival at Camp 2009 Setting up Wall Tent Frame
mideer2009pic2.jpg mideer2009pic2a.jpg
Setting up the Windage The New Barrel Stove Wood Burner
mideer2009pic3.jpg mideer2009pic3a.jpg
Connecting the rafters Connecting the side poles
mideer2009pic4.jpg mideer2009pic4a.jpg
Camp is a 16x20 Wall Tent. The Tent is Staked Down with "4 in" stakes?
mideer2009pic5.jpg mideer2009pic5a.jpg
Tent Complete Cots set up
mideer2009pic6.jpg mideer2009pic6a.jpg
The ground is cleared for the kitchen The "Kitchen". A small grill, griddle, and stove.
mideer2009pic7.jpg mideer2009pic7a.jpg
Steve ready to eat. You eat good at Deer Camp
mideer2009pic8.jpg mideer2009pic8a.jpg
Tom, made 1lbs burgers with mushrooms and cheese inside. Tom by the stove
mideer2009pic9.jpg mideer2009pic9a.jpg
After the burger... ...wash it down with a Blue Moon.
mideer2009pic10.jpg mideer2009pic10a.jpg
Kruger can not eat anymore Tom talking about the Packers
mideer2009pic11.jpg mideer2009pic11a.jpg
The tent at night Two Coleman Lanterns light up the tent
mideer2009pic12.jpg mideer2009pic12a.jpg
Dinner time again 1lb burger, covered with venison chilli and cheese
mideer2009pic13.jpg mideer2009pic13a.jpg
The Buck Pole... ...and black squirrel pole?
mideer2009pic14.jpg mideer2009pic14a.jpg
Dave with a 4 point and a doe Browning A-bolt .308 with Leopold 4-12 scope
mideer2009pic15.jpg mideer2009pic15a.jpg
We are not getting out of bed I'm not fat...I'm big boned!
mideer2009pic16.jpg mideer2009pic16a.jpg
Tom, Kruger, Steve, Dave Conservation Officer Lively checks Dave's kill tags
and Kruger's Small Game license
mideer2009pic17.jpg mideer2009pic17a.jpg
Packing up The trailer is full
mideer2009pic18.jpg mideer2009pic18a.jpg
The DNR check the age of the deer The head will be sent to the lab to check for TB
mideer2009pic19.jpg mideer2009pic19a.jpg
The antlers are removed and returned to Dave The DNR issues a patch for survey info
and for submiting a deer to be checked for TB
mideer2009pic20.jpg mideer2009pic20a.jpg
The tent is set up in a pole barn to allow it to air dry The tent is folded up and Deer Camp 2009 finished
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