Two Dogs Hunt Camp 2010 Photos

"Deer camp is were friends and family reunite and enjoy being in the outdoors"

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Two Dogs Hunt Camp 2010. Two Rivers Motel and Cabins.
3 4
Two vehicles pull the trailers, quads, and gear to camp located near Kenton, MI. Dave and Jerry at the Two Rivers Motel.
5 6
Jerry and Dave setting up the tent.

The Two Dogs Hunt Camp is made up of 14’ x 20’ aluminum framed canvas wall tent.

7 8
Setting up camp.
9 10
“Is that an oven?”

The Two Dogs Hunt Camp brings an oven. It is easly carried with a couple of 2x4 mounted to brackets on the side of the oven.

11 12
The tent is able to hold 5, with 4 guys in the bunk beds and 1 extra on a cot.
13 14
Jerry is adjusting the bucket yoke on Dave. They are hauling up water from the river.
15 16
Setting up camp takes about a half a day.
17 18
A waterfall on the Jumbo River.
19 20
A waterfall on the Jumbo River. Two Dog Hunt Camp
21 22
The camp is set up. The wood burner is a 35 gallon barrel stove.
23 24
Jerry is the camp cook. A complete kitchen with 4 burner stove, lift off grill, and oven.
25 26
You do not see many wall tents that have a wooden door on them. The door is made from 2 pieces of 1/4 “plywood, the door is stiffened with 1x3” X frame. The door is hinged on the outer frame and the inner frame door opening is 1” smaller on all 4 sides so it acts as a door stop. The door closure is a piece of shock cord with hooks on each end, you can adjust it by putting a knot in the cord. The door frames sandwich the tent and is held in place with bolts, fender washers and wing nuts. Jerry cut the hole in the tent with pinking scissors then installed large brass grommets for the bolt holes. The door frame is supported on each side by a vertical 1” conduit attached by a U strap to the gable rafter conduit to the tent frame, then to the door frame with U pipe straps and screws.
27 28
Warming up the tent with a hot fire.
The kitchen has custom made lighting that shines down on the grills and wire racks.
29 30
The camp from a distance. Grilling and getting ready to bake some biscuits.
31 32
Len out hunting. Wolf tracks.
33 34
Jerry shot a nice 6 point buck and dragged it out with a quad.
35 36
A nice buck is shot.
37 38
Smile for the trail camera. Two Dog Hunt Camp 2010
39 40
Deer hunting TV consists of watching the annoying red squirrels, and wishing you had a air gun.
A nice buck rub.
41 42
The first buck is hung up on the pole.
43 44
Four burners for cooking with a griddle. Baking a blueberry pie?
45 46
Hot water on the stove. Dave is enjoying the finest box wine.
47 48
Baking a fine meal at Deer Camp.
49 50
A home cooked meal. Just a blind in the woods, or a magical spot.
51 52
A ham dinner served at Deer Camp? Cooked in a wall tent? This is Deer Camp Cooking!
53 54
Hanging out in the tent. The door is open to let out some heat but still 80 Deg.
55 56
A couple of does seen from the blind.
57 58
“They can sense I don’t have a antlerless license.”
59 60
“Humm, I do have antlerless license.”
61 62
Len shot a spike on the 4th day.
63 64
Doe down!
65 66
A nice 6 point. Jerry next to the Buck Pole.
67 68
Len with the two bucks. Inside the trailer.
69 70
A quad parked in front of the wall tent.

A silver tarp is added to the roof to make a rain fly.

The outhouse.
71 72
The one-holer is made from a bucket with a hinged lid. Dave...“Has anyone seen my watch?”
73 74
Two Dogs Hunt Camp 2010 Group Photo.

Dave, Jerry, and Len.

The moon shining over the tent.
75 76
Dave in Len's Bucket Heater. Michigan’s beautiful Mackinac Bridge.
Two Dogs Hunt Camp 2010 group photo Vanden Bosch, Drummond Island, Glen Cove Deer Camp
Dave Vanden Bosch, Jerry Vanden Bosch, and Len.

The traditions of Deer Camp…

Jerry Vanden Bosch

….have been passed down from generations.

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