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"Deer camp is were friends and family reunite and enjoy being in the outdoors"

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MI Deer Camp 2012 Group Picture

Welcome to MI Deer Camp 2012!

Dave (I’m the one who runs this website), Larry (my Dad), John (my brother), Kruger (buddy since high school), Jimbo (buddy since high school/college roommate), and Chewie (We used to work together, roommates, and served in the Army together).
MI Deer Camp 2012 Group Photo with Deer Hanging
We did good this year getting four does.
mideer2012pic3.jpg Kruger waiting for Dave mideer2012pic3a.jpg, The back of Daves trailer going North
Kruger is ready to go. Dave you did say be here at 0500?
Finally on the road headed North.
Location for the Camp Kitchen, pic4 Location for the Tent, pic4a
Picking a site and trying to find the most level location to set up the camp. The kitchen will be placed on the left and the tent on the right.

"Is there anyplace here that is halfway level!"

Cleaning up the site with a string trimmer and rakes.pic5 Cleaning up the site with a string trimmer and rakes.pic5a
Cleaning up the site with a string trimmer and rakes.
The rake holding up John, pic6 The rake holding up Larry pic6a
John is a proud union employee. Larry is proud he is retired.
Kruger and Jimbo digging the pit for the one holer, pic7 Dave breaking in the windage pic7a.
Kruger and Jimbo are digging the pit for the one holer.

“We better go deeper. Remember that John is here.

Kruger what happens if you drop a magazine down this deep hole?”

Dave is the first to break in the “Windage”.
The kitchen set up, pic8 Kitchen set up, pic8a
The kitchen set up. Tarps are added to the walls for a windbreak.
Ground leveled, pic9 Wall tent setup, pic9a
The ground is leveled for the wall tent. The wall tent setup.
Dave in front of the tent, pic10 Seen the stove pipe? pic10a
Dave standing in front of the tent. “Has anyone see the stove pipe”
Kitchen ready for cooking, pic11 Browning Two Burner Stove, pic11a
The kitchen ready for cooking. The new Browning Two Burner Stove by Camp Chef.
Inside of the tent, pic12 Inside of the tent, pic12a
The inside of the tent after just being setup.
Wood burner stover, pic13 Firewood cut, pic13a
Wood burner stove, made from a 55 gallon barrel and stove kit.
The firewood is stacked next to the stove to dry it out.
Stack of firewood ready to be moved into the tent.
Larry cooking on the new griddle, pic14 Larry cooking on the new griddle, pic14a
Larry is cooking the first meal on the new griddle.

Larry’s famous breakfast “The Sportsman” (open faced omelet with mushroom, cheese, and served with bacon).

Kruger enjoying Larry's breakfast, pic15 The Sportsman, pic15a
Kruger is enjoying Larry's breakfast.
Dave cooking, pic16 Noodles cooking ont the Browning Stove, pic16a
Dave is cooking venison stroganoff.
Jimbo eating breakfast, pic17 Jimbo eating breakfast, pic17a
Jimbo is eating Dave’s Breakfast, Eggs over easy, sausage, hash browns, and toast.
Deer Camp Steak, pic18 Deer Camp Wings, pic18a
What is left of John’s dinner (16oz well marinated steak, covered with mushrooms, covered with cheese, and served with shrimp).

Best meal of the week.

Dave cooked up wings on the last day of camp.
Deer Camp Fries, pic19 Deer Camp Fries, pic19a
Dave cooking Deer Camp fries and serving to Kruger.
MI Deer Camp 2012, Pic 20
Family and Friends. It is a good thing we only get together one time a year.
The Big Deal, pic21 The Big Deal, pic21a
John, aka the “Big Deal”, putting firewood in the tent and relaxing with a Bud Light.

"Just remember if it fits it ships."

Camo underwear, pic22 Need a fork? pic22a
“What you don’t have camouflage underwear?. Half the time I’m taking a dump and down to my underwear anyways. You need to be camouflaged even when taking a dump. Did you get a deer? That’s what I thought, so shut your mouth about my underwear.”
No Shave November. Sometimes you need a fork to comb your beard.

"Kruger do you a fork?"

John a Michigan fan, pic23 Jimbo a Michigan State fan, pic23a
Michigan? or Michigan State?
Deer Camp Fashion, pic24 Jimbo is enjoying a drink, pic24a
Jimbo is walking the fashion runway. Jimbo is that cool aid your drinking?
Suprise!, pic25 Jimbo no shave November, pic25a

"Chewie get that camera out of my face, or the next photos will be of you getting a colonoscopy!"

No shave November.
Jimbo styling flannel, pic26 Larry styling flannel, pic26a
The Deep Camp 2012 Flannel Club.
Larry singing YMCA, pic27 Larry building a fire, pic27a
The Village People called, they want Larry back. “I’ll show you boys how to make a fire.”
Larry dream hunting, 2012pic28 Larry are you going hunting? pic28a.
Larry are you going hunting today? Larry are you going hunting today?
Kruger dream hunting, pic29 Kruger are you going hunting? pic29a
Kruger are you going hunting today? Kruger are you going hunting today?

Kruger you look good in pink.

The day two deer camp blues, pic30 The day four deer camp blues. pic30a
The day two deer camp blues. The day four deer camp blues.
Kruger thinking hard, pic31 Kruger, pic31a
I don’t even want to know what he is thinking. Yes Chewie I am having your baby.
Suprise, pic32 Kruger getting tired, pic32a.

"Chewie I'm going to show you somthing to take a picture of!"

Kruger is getting a little tired.
Deer Camp fashion, pic33 Frozen Cast Iron Conditioner, pic33a
Dave is walking the fashion runway. “It is so cold that the Cast Iron Conditioner froze.”
Dave reading the game laws, pic34 Chewie finding wind direction, pic34a
Dave is reading the Game Laws.

“John I can’t find anywhere in the Game Laws where it says Cycle and Squeeze. “

“Chewie, what direction is the wind coming from?”
Chewie, pic35 Chiwie loves the Army, pic35a
“This is my Cracker Dad”

Just kidding Chewie take a joke.

Chewie is that sign language for your dirty shocks are hanging from the tent?”
Chewie's warm boots, pic36 Boot issue, pic36a
Chewie could you show me those warm boots? What is wrong with your boots?

You melted you boots! That is funny.

Chewie's boots melted, pic37 Larry's flashlight run over, pic37a
Dear Field and Stream,

Your boots are very warm and were waterproof. However, they are not heat resistant. Especially if John is keeping the fire going.

MI Deer Camp “Most Likely to Melt his Boots” award winner 2012

Dear Lake and Trail,

Your green $5 flashlight was my favorite flashlight. I had it since Reagan was president. I think it needs to be more a little more impact resistant. I am heart broken that it fell out of my pocket and was run over. I can’t believe how many pieces it broke into.

MI Deer Camp “Most Likely to have Flashlight Run Over” award winner 2012.

John taking pictures, pic38 John staring at the fire, pic38a
John is likely to steal the camera and take pictures of anything. John mesmerized by the colors of the fire.
Jimbo dancing with a rake, pic39 Dave putting up the chimney, pic39a
Jimbo is most likely to dance with a rake. “I feel like you guys are staring at my ass”
Larry and Dave, pic40 John and his doe, pic40a
Larry and Dave’s next to their deer.

This is Larry’s first deer in 25 years.

John standing next to his big doe.
This is what Deer Camp is all about, pic41 Michigan Successful Hunter Patch 2012, pic41a
This is what Deer Camp is all about. Michigan Successful Hunter Patch 2012.
MI Deer Camp 2012

Weather: Nov 15, 2012-Low 27 High of 44 | Nov 16, 2012-Low 23 High of 45
Nov 17, 2012 Low of 29 High of 49 (heavy fog in the morning until 1000. | Nov 18, 2012 Low of 25 High of 51.

Deer Kill Times: Nov 15-9:20 AM | Nov 16-2:00 PM, 4:00 PM

MI Deer Camp 2012 B+W, pic42 Historic Photo Brenner 1940, pic3.jpg
The traditions of Deer Camp….
….have been passed down from generations.
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