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"Deer camp is were friends and family reunite and enjoy being in the outdoors"

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MI Deer Camp 2011 Group Picture

Welcome to MI Deer Camp 2011!

Front Row with the 6 point is John (my brother).

Middle Row from left: Steve (buddy since Kindergarten), Larry (my Dad), Dave (I’m the one who runs this website), and Kruger (buddy since high school).

Back Row from left: Jimbo (buddy since high school/college roommate), Shawn (First time at Deer Camp and friend of Kruger’s), and Chewie (We used to work together, roommates, and served in the Army together).

mideer2011 Group Photo with Deer Hanging
This year we did very well and got six deer.
mideer2011pic3a.jpg mideer2011pic3b.jpg
Deer Camp preparation included making a deer cart to help drag out a deer.
There were the usual emails, text messages and phone calls. We also had to decide how many guys we could put in the tent. With a record eight guys, we knew that there would not be a lot of room.

“If Shawn spoons with Kruger, we might have enough room!”

mideer2011pic4a.jpg mideer2011pic4b.jpg
The group chose a totally different area from the past three years. Five areas were chosen through a detailed map recon. We scouted for an area to set up camp. This area was away from the main road and looked like a good spot. We had a debate on weather we could get the vehicles and trailers through. The trucks made it though but.....
mideer2011pic5a.jpg mideer2011pic5b.jpg
....needless to say, the trailers axel was a drag’n.
....jimbo was very close to getting the wife’s Jeep stuck. So we had to choose a different location.
mideer2011pic6a.jpg mideer2011pic6b.jpg
The area to set up the tent is cleared of leaves.
John and Dave set up the tent frame. John pinched his finger in the frame and had to show everyone.
mideer2011pic7a.jpg mideer2011pic7b.jpg
Relaxing after getting camp set up. John and Dave are showing which way North is.
Larry and Steve enjoying the warm tent. “Hey guys more water is coming in the tent, you had better dig faster!”
mideer2011pic8a.jpg mideer2011pic8b.jpg
Kruger showing which side of the tent all the water is coming in. “Make sure you get around my side, your doing a good job!”
The more Jimbo drinks, the better his singing.
mideer2011pic9a.jpg mideer2011pic9b.jpg
The great flood of 2011! On the first night of Deer Camp there was thunderstorm and heavy rain. The tent never leaked, however there was so much rain that water from the roof began to pool at the ground and began to come into the tent. John, Shawn, Chewie, Jimbo, and Dave began to dig a trench around the tent. The ground was extremely hard. The trench kept the water from going into the tent. When the trench was done it finally stopped raining.
mideer2011pic10a.jpg mideer2011pic10b.jpg
The beginning of the trench, and the water would not soak into the ground.
Larry sitting outside the tent.
mideer2011pic11a.jpg mideer2011pic11b.jpg
Steve bought a new cot for this year. It looks so good right out of the box.
Dear Sportsman’s guide,

Your cot really sucks. I really don’t think it meets Military Specs. The center legs broke on the 2nd night of using it. I had to use some big logs to hold up the center. It caused me a pain in my back and was a true pain in my ass!

MI Deer Camp “Fat Ass Award” winner 2011

mideer2011pic12a.jpg mideer2011pic12b.jpg
Scouting means loading up a list of potential hunting sites in the GPS.
Steve is loading up a location in his GPS.

“Hey Steve! Why are you hording all the firewood under your cot?"

"I didn't know they made cots with lumbar support!”

mideer2011pic13a.jpg mideer2011pic13b.jpg
Larry using his GPS to find his way to the “One Hole’r, aka the Windage”.
“Dave are you plotting hunting locations or playing Tic-Tac-Toe. Put an X in the middle for me!”
mideer2011pic14a.jpg mideer2011pic14b.jpg
On Opening Day Dave shot a doe.
The new deer cart was used to pull the deer out of the woods. “Dave pick up you German Shepherd and just carry it out of the woods”.
mideer2011pic14c.jpg mideer2011pic14d.jpg
The first deer of the year. “Really, the deer looked this big through the scope!”
mideer2011pic15a.jpg mideer2011pic15b.jpg
John and Dave are holding up a box of Girl Scout Cookies. “The perfect Pogie Bait.”
Jimbo’s good side.
mideer2011pic16a.jpg mideer2011pic16b.jpg
John with his 6 point he killed on the 16th. The buck jumped out of a thicket less then 15 yards away.
mideer2011pic17a.jpg mideer2011pic17b.jpg
“Jimbo play us a tune.”
“Where is Shawn at? Kruger is he with you in your sleeping bag? Has anyone seen Shawn?”
mideer2011pic18a.jpg mideer2011pic18b.jpg
"The Day 3 Deer Camp Blues." I am not sure what happens on that 3rd day, but a lot of guys get bit with the “Lazy Ass Virus”. Here are the excuses, “I had surgery two years ago, there are no deer bigger then a 6 point in the woods, and we’ll go and scout out some different areas” These are some pics of “sightseeing……I mean scouting different areas”.
mideer2011pic19a.jpg mideer2011pic19b.jpg
The last day for hunting we decided to do a deer drive. It was very successful with three deer.
mideer2011pic20a.jpg mideer2011pic20b.jpg
Dear Tasco,

Are your scopes designed for high-powered rifles? I don’t think they are. Using your product gives me a headache.

MI Deer Camp “Scope Hit Me in the Face” award winner 2011

Chewie’s farmers sandwiches. Menu for 2011: chili, goulash, steaks, corn chowder soup, pulled pork sandwiches, chicken wings, hot dogs, scrambled eggs, the egg mess, pancakes, and french toast.
mideer2011pic21a.jpg mideer2011pic21b.jpg
Six deer hanging John and Dave
mideer2011pic22a.jpg mideer2011pic22b.jpg
Packing up to go home. “Look at all this crap!”
The South end of a North Bound Deer.
mideer2011pic23a.jpg mideer2011pic23b.jpg
“I bet they don’t do this in California!” 2011 was a good year!
mideer2011pic24a.jpg mideer2011pic24b.jpg
Steve showing off the “Windage” MI Deer Camp 2011
mideer2011pic25a.jpg mideer2011pic25b.jpg
A PETA Nightmare
Every deer that we shoot will be eaten. “I can almost taste the venison salami!”
MI Deer Camp 2011

Weather: Nov 15, 2011-Low 50's and Sunshine | Nov 16, 2011-Mid 30's-cloudy with strong winds
Nov 17, 2011-Mid 30's-cloudy with strong winds | Nov 18, 2011 Mid 30's-cloudy

Deer Kill Times: Nov 15-12:30 PM, 4:45 PM | Nov 16-5:00 PM | Nov 18-12:30-1:30 PM

John shows how to gut a deer in 3 minutes in this YouTube video.
mideer2011pic27a.jpg Historic Photo Nov1947pic2.jpg
The traditions of Deer Camp….
….have been passed down from generations.
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