Ee-Ya-Kee Deer Camp 2016 Photos

"Deer camp is were friends and family reunite and enjoy being in the outdoors"

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Ee-Ya-Kee Deer Camp Group Photo
Traditional Faull Inn pit stop.
Finally I have all my boys in camp. Mike and Harold's hats hanging over their ashes. They are always with us.
Big Mike would be proud his grandsons are carrying on our traditions. "Good luck" drink at the flowing well.
5 year old Evan loves his first deer camp. Playing catch with the guys
Home sweet home. Nick and Billy's tent
Flip those eggs Buckshot Best food in town
Best buddies. The future of our deer camp. Little beef pushing little little beef.
Corn hole tournament. Cody and Evan going at it.
Brendan and John stacking wood. Aiming at a big buck.
Wrong way Nick has a compass. Tommy and Cody are very happy.
Trying to avoid the smoke. They love Dads cooking.
Rose and son Cody. Cody's bent neck after the log hitting him on the head.
Thurman cooking a snack. He approves of deer camp.
Waiting inside the deer blind. Old school hunting against a tree.
Brendan shot a button buck with his great grandpa Jims rifle. Found the bullet in the hide.
Tony loves deer camp life.
Voted best Dressed at Deer Camp 2016
For his matching blaze orange shoes.-Dave
Enjoying the warm campfire.
Aunt Netty's magic deer camp cookies. Very proud hunter.
It Took Rodger more then 35 years to get his first ever deer.
What a buck!
Tony and Darrin sharing the moment with the buck master.
The deer slayers. Rose's trophy 8 point buck.
Father and son. Billy and Nick. Nick's goulash was yummy.
For more information see “One-Holer”
Cold beer. Hotdogs and brats on the fire.
Laughing and telling old stories. Lester's deer camp chili every opening day.
"The One-Hole Primer"
Devil dog
Mosquitos refuse to bite him purely out of respect...
Regardless of temperature you can never see his breath…
He is the most interesting Man in the world….
"Stay thirsty my friends!”
Say Cheese.
Everyone signed Darrin's 62! We love our deer camper city.
Hello Blair. Please flush and spray some air freshener.
The Schanick boys shot a partridge. This year marks Beefs 32nd and Little Beefs 4th straight years at deer camp.
Rose loves deer camp.
Winning the trophy and the $230 in the big buck jar!
Dreaming of big bucks then he goes out and shoots one.
Brotherhood for life. What camp should look like.
Saying goodbye until next year. 12 year old Brendan always laughs with Tony.
Pass that bottle around!
That was a good party with over 15 guys.
Now that's a fire!!

Some Photos from earlier in the year.

Evan and Dad tagged team on a big old tom turkey. Emily shot her first ever deer. A nice 6 point buck!! So proud of you sis, love you!
Ee-Ya-Kee Deer Camp
Father and Sons Father and Son
The traditions of Deer Camp…. ….have been passed down from generations.
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