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Al Hartline
alhartlinepic16a.jpg alhartlinepic16b.jpg
Al Hartline with a 7 point he shot opening day.
Watervliet, MI
Al's 7 point buck
John Hartline (son) and Dorothy Hartline (mother)
alhartlinepic15a.jpg alhartlinepic15b.jpg
Al with a 6 point and 7 point.
Watervliet, MI
alhartlinepic14b.jpg alhartlinepic14a.jpg
Father and Son photo
John Hartline with his 7 point.
alhartlinepic13a.jpg alhartlinepic13b.jpg
February 15, 2003
Al with a Coyote taken with a 10ga shotgun.
November 15, 2003
Al with a nice opening day 6 point.
alhartlinepic11a.jpg alhartlinepic11b.jpg
Al with his deer in November 2001
Al comparing his deer with his Dad's deer taken in 1948.
Gale Harline with his buck in 1948.
The deer was mounted and is compared in the left photo.
alhartlinepic10a.jpg alhartlinepic10b.jpg
Al with large 7 point buck.
November 21, 2001
John, Jessica, and Al Hartline
These three deer were shot in different years, but near the same location in Watervliet, MI
alhartlinepic9a.jpg alhartlinepic9b.jpg
Al shot this spike near Free Soil, MI
Al's son, John Hartline, with his first deer (12 point).
Al and John butchering John's deer.
Each year grandma's kitchen is turned into a butcher shop where the venison is being cutup and packaged.
alhartlinepic8a.jpg alhartlinepic8b.jpg
Al returning from Deer Camp with a 6 point tied to the top of the Blazer. This trailer is known as "The Flintstone", and was taken to Deer Camp for many years.
Al (left) and his son, Dave (right)
Goose Hunting 1989
The Geese were taken at the Allegan State Game Area
alhartlinepic7a.jpg alhartlinepic7b.jpg
Al with his friend Lloyd Styburski after a successful goose hunt. Jonice and John Hartline holding the geese.
Tommy Merrill, Al Hartline, and his Lloyd Styburski after Goose hunting.
alhartlinepic6a.jpg alhartlinepic6b.jpg
Dorothy, Al, and Gale Hartline
Deer Camp in Brohman, MI
Deer Camp 1980
alhartlinepic5a.jpg alhartlinepic5b.jpg
Al with a 4 point in Bitely, MI
alhartlinepic4a.jpg alhartlinepic4b.jpg
Al with his first deer (4 point) shot near Brohman, MI
His Dad is helping him hang it from a tree.
Al with his first goose. The goose weighed 10 1/2 pounds.
alhartlinepic3a.jpg alhartlinepic3b.jpg
Al with his dog "Birdie" after pheasant hunting.
Al with his dog "Brownie" after rabbit hunting.
alhartlinepic2a.jpg alhartlinepic2b.jpg
Al with his new Winchester 30-30 Rifle.
Al with a fox he shot.
alhartlinepic1a.jpg alhartlinepic1b.jpg
Gale and Al Hartline

The traditions of Deer Camp...

Al's Grandfather, Clarence Snyder

...have been passed down from generations.

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