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Gale Hartline
galehartlinepic2a.jpg galehartlinepic2b.jpg
Calderwood, MI
Gale Hartline's First Buck (9 Point)
galehartlinepic3a.jpg galehartlinepic3b.jpg
Gale's Deer on the left
Dick Snyder's Deer 2nd from right
1946 or 1947
This is a Double Buck Pole. The top pole is used to attach the hoist and lift the deer. The deer is then tied off to the bottom pole and the hoist removed.
galehartlinepic4a.jpg galehartlinepic4b.jpg
1947 Bud Sill and Gale Hartline
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Upper Penninsula, MI
Bud Sill and Dorothy Hartline
Deer Camp
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Clarence Snyder (Gale Father-in-law)
Carl Snyder (Gale's brother-in-law)
galehartlinepic7a.jpg galehartlinepic7b.jpg
Gale with his 8 point buck
Carl Snyder
galehartlinepic8a.jpg galehartlinepic8b.jpg
Carl Snyder (tying up deer)
Carl Bucher, Clarence Snyder, and Neal Kerstelter
Helen and Bruce Phillips, Clarence Snyder, and Fred Phillips
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Bill Eisenhart and Gale Hartline
Two deer tied to the fenders of a Buick Special.
Bill Eisenhart
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Ted Herbert and Gale Hartline
Deer Camp 1957
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Colorado Mule Deer Hunt
It took Gale Hartline 21 shots to bring down this mule deer. Gale Hartline, Alan (5 years old), and John Morlock
Colorado Mule Deer Hunt
Alan and Karen Hartline
galehartlinepic12a.jpg galehartlinepic12b.jpg
1956 or 1957
Alan Hartline, Ted Herbert (Binoculars), Gale Hartline, Breck Hartline, and George Hartline (Gun)
Uncle John Hartline, Alan and Gale Hartline
galehartlinepic13a.jpg galehartlinepic13b.jpg
Colorado Hunt
Lynn Mull, Dick Hauch, and Gale Hartline
Packing up Deer Camp
galehartlinepic14a.jpg galehartlinepic14b.jpg
Breck Hartline
Gale Hartline proud of his "Double Header"
Behind Jeep is Rich Harris and Breck Hartline
galehartlinepic15a.jpg galehartlinepic15b.jpg
Gale and Breck Hartline
With Four Mule Deer Bucks
Dick Hauch and Gale Hartline
galehartlinepic16a.jpg galehartlinepic16b.jpg
Bill Eisenhart, Dick Hauch, and George Dember
Colorado Elk Hunt
JD Waddle, Dick Hauch, and John Hartline
galehartlinepic17a.jpg galehartlinepic17b.jpg
Gale Hartline Colorado
Murry Miller
galehartlinepic18a.jpg galehartlinepic18b.jpg
Colorado Deer Camp Deer Camp is a Military Surplus Tent
galehartlinepic19a.jpg galehartlinepic19b.jpg
Gale Hartline, Bill Eisenhart, Murry Miller, Harry Bodthe and unknown. Bill Hisenhart field dressing a deer
Murry Miller and Gale Hartline in background
galehartlinepic20a.jpg galehartlinepic20b.jpg
Dick Hauch, Bill Eisenhart, Murry Miller, Harry Bodtke, and unknown 1959
Gale Hartline
galehartlinepic21a.jpg galehartlinepic21b.jpg
1961 Colorado
Dick Hauch and Gale Hartline
Dragging out a Buck
galehartlinepic22a.jpg galehartlinepic22b.jpg
Gale Hartline taking down the trailer
Caulderwood, MI
galehartlinepic23a.jpg galehartlinepic23b.jpg
There was 8 inches of Snow
Gale and Dorothy Hartline
galehartlinepic24a.jpg galehartlinepic24b.jpg
1973 Colorado
Gale and Breck Hartline
A nice 8 point shot by Breck
Dorothy Hartline standing guard
The guys went to town to pick up supplies.
galehartlinepic25a.jpg galehartlinepic25b.jpg
Brohman, MI
Alan Hartline with his First Buck (4 Point)
Gale Hartline (Father) behind him
Brohman, MI
Gale with a 4 Point
galehartlinepic26a.jpg galehartlinepic26b.jpg
Elk Hunting at Grand Lake, Colorado
Elivation 11,500 Feet
Gale holding on to the horses
Breck is 2nd person sitting on log
galehartlinepic27a.jpg galehartlinepic27b.jpg
Deer Camp Brohman, MI
Dorothy, Alan, and Gale Hartline
Deer Camp
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