Pine Ridge Hunt Camp Located In Ontario Canada

Deer camp is were friends and family reunite and enjoy being in the outdoors.

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Pine Ridge Hunt Camp Group Photo
Pine Ridge Hunt Camp
"Pine Ridge Hunt Camp"

Established in 1975.

Hunters had been hunting on this property almost 50 years pior using tents.

Where we hunt is very hard to get to, normally a 2 hour ATV ride but sometimes 6!

Hunting out of a Canoe
A doe in the canoe from 2015.

2015 was very warm this year which is not very conducive to deer hunting!

How many times do you get to hunt in a T-shirt?

Hunt Camp in Ontario Canada
The Pine Ridge Hunt Camp is a 10 km atv ride into the bush on an old colonization Rd that was abandoned in the early 1900's.

The government gave out 100 acre parcels to people who would clear and farm the land.

David's father and a couple of buddies built the camp and hunted there.

Ontario Archery Deer Hunting
David Priest with a Very Nice Buck taken during Archery Season.
Ontario Archery Deer Hunting
Brian with a Very Nice Buck taken during Archery Season.
Group Photo
Brian England, Gord Glover and Dave Priest with the beagle "Bono".
Deer Hunting Ontario
David with a nice buck!
Rafting a Four Wheeler during Hunting Searson
The four wheelers are floated across the pond to hunt the other side!

Looks like a cold swim. Not Today!

David Priest near the Buck Pole
David Priest with his beagle and few nice bucks hanging off the pole.
Ontario Cananda
Drying Cloths over the Wood Burner
The inside of the cabin.

A great way to dry cloths and boots by hanging a shelf over the wood burner.

Hunting Canada
"Bite down on the branch and it will not hurt as bad!"
8 point in a Canoe
A nice Ontario 8 point. The Deer had to be moved by canoe.
Eating at Hunting Camp
Good times!

We eat well at camp. Prime Rib and Yorkshire puddings!

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