Dressing for the Cold Weather While Deer Hunting

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Northern Outfitters

Northern Outfitters complete clothing systems.
Northern Outfitters designs clothing for the extreme cold conditions. Northern Outfitter clothing is used by some in Sled Dog racing, and is the clothing you want to wear if your going Polar Bear hunting. Northern Outfitters uses an insulation called Vaetrex in which they claim through university research, “to outperform all other fabrics in heat retention, moisture wicking, and wind chill resistance.”

The underwear or base layer is made of Polarmax Acclimate which is designed to be lightweight and breathable. This layer is optional.
Northern Outfitters Underwear.
Northern Outfitters Liner.

The second layer can be used as a base layer next to the skin or worn over a thin layer of polypropylene/polyester underwear. This layer is called the Vaetrex Pant and Jacket liner. It comes in two thickness based upon temperature.

The outer layer is Waterproof Breathable Parka and Bib pant shell. It is designed to be worn over the Pant and Jacket liner. The shell is engineered for low air permeability and allows high moisture vapor transfer. The shell is made of Versatech on the inside and three ply nylon Supplex on the outside. Color choice is Black or Mossy Oak.
Northern Outfitters Shell.
Northern Outfitters Boots.

Northern Outfitters also makes cold weather boots. The boots look like they are designed to go to the moon. You can laugh at the design, but how many boot companies want you to wear the boots barefoot? That is right, NO SOCKS! The insulation is 1” of Vaetrex and the boots are designed with a moisture trap.

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