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MI Deer Camp 2016 Group Picture
New, Deer Camp 2016 Photos, and Ee-Ya-Kee 2016"Deer camp is were friends and family reunite and enjoy being in the outdoors"

The Deer Camp Tradition. Today we are often over stimulated by technology and the general pace of modern life. Deer camp can offer a brief escape from that world. It is a chance to shed responsibilities and concerns and get back to our roots. While it is nice to have a few modern conveniences at deer camp, all you really need for success is someplace to lay your head, a hot fire, a cool drink, and good friends. Deer Camp is a tradition that has been passed down by generations of hunters and family members. This website celebrates this tradition.

Deer Camps
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This is a collection of Deer Camp Pictures that spans over 75 years. See how the Traditions of Deer Camp have been passed down from generations. See current photos and photos from generations past.
Michigan Historic Hunting Licenses
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We have a large collection of Historic/Vintage Michigan Hunting Licenses from 1929-Present. On display are Michigans Deer, Bear, and Turkey Patches that are different each year and are sought after by hunters and collectors. Finally on display are some of Michigan's Waterfowl and Trout and Samon Stamps.
galehartlinepic9a.jpg Michigan 2016 Successful Deer Hunter Patch
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